Welcome to my website. I am a sophomore at IIT Bombay pursuing an undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering.

I am very passionate about computer science, mathematics and software engineering. I am currently pursuing my third semester at IIT Bombay.

This site will contain links to my projects, reports and notes that I will be creating during my stay at IITB. I am currently exploring the field of quantum computing and reinforcement learning over the summers and I have worked on a lot of projects during this time that I will link below. I am also interested in algorithms and competitive programming (although not terribly good at it) and I spend my time on it as well. I’ve recently also developed a liking for the field of cybersecurity and participating in CTFs.

I am currently blogging on this site. Go here to check out the posts.

I am currently a Convener at Web and Coding Club IIT Bombay and a Media Coordinator at Techfest IIT Bombay.

Other than academics, I like to watch movies, series and anime. I like reading a lot (science-fiction short stories especially) and I spend a lot of time lurking on reddit. I also very intrigued by world politics and history and feel free to chat with me regarding these topics. I also write on Quora sometimes and hopefully on this site. Recently I’ve gotten into listening to a lot of japanese rock and I also hold indie rock close to my heart.

Feel free to contact me regarding any topic through my Github, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora.